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It’s satire, it’s parody, it’s a populist blend of performance art and entertainment that combines striptease, comedy, cutting-edge satire, pageantry and music into a truly vaudevillian stage show. The current form of burlesque is an enlightening phenomenon that challenges traditional notions of gender, politics and sexuality. The performers themselves range from professional actors to librarians and fashion buyers; their body types from statuesque to transgender.

In the independent feature documentary film, New Burlesque, renowned director Beth B will take an in-depth look at the subculture of contemporary, groundbreaking burlesque performers in New York today. New Burlesque is a story of character—a vast spectrum of personalities that are shocking and scintillating, and are taking hold of a classical art form and driving it to whole new extremes. Sometimes seen as the hip new fad, new burlesque performers rarely conform to society’s ideals of beauty. Curvaceous, tattooed, and very outspoken, these women and men take a playful, comic jab at everything from sex to politics. Many of the performers look to promote new visions of their transgressive attitudes toward identity and gender.

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